The larger posmonero units are called "posmonero dollars", distinguished from other dollar systems with the acronym "PMD" as thus: $100 PMD. The smaller posmonero units are called "pos". $1 PMD = 10 million pos.

$1 PMDyou buy at0.00010000 BTC
you sell for0.00009700 BTC

This project is a work in progress; initial distribution will happen in some way or another, it's not clear how yet.

At some point, this site will also operate as an exchange.

There is a special discount presale rate of 0.00009700 BTC. To participate in the presale: compile posmonero, generate a wallet, print with "address hex" command, then send however much you want to buy to 3PnVaFqZX9iGyspBEze1nSuiRmzGs1NV4t with your raw hex posmonero address in an OP_RETURN output (easy to do with e.g. Trezor Wallet). Compiled binaries will be provided at a later date.

Parameters and Calculations

Block Reward (fixed) $6K PMD
Signer Deposit $10M PMD
Time between blocks 2 minutes
Block timeout / vote interval 15 seconds
Network-wide block timeout 5 minutes
Witness signature timeout 60 blocks (2 hours)

Token sale transactions

TimeWeek #BTCpricePMD
Fri 12 Jul 16:37:27 UTC 201941.72768564 BTC10000 sat$17276.00000000 PMD
Fri 12 Jul 16:36:30 UTC 201940.00017277 BTC10000 sat$1.00000000 PMD